I am Aitsegame Lu.  My creations are as bold and beautiful as the fashion conscious people that wear them.  The passion that flows   through me draws deep from the intricately beautiful, African designed, vibrant print fabrics worn by the men and women of West Africa.  I am currently based in America and am looking forward to redefining what is vogue through many more international ventures.  My innate fashion talent primarily showcases subtle shades of nature while embracing diverse influences from abroad.  I am a fashion-forward thinker.  Throughout my younger years I had stylish fashion visions that were disappointingly non-existent in the industry. After engaging various specialty stores owners regarding merchandise availability, I was lead to understand that most people seem to be content with conventional dressing styles. It was truly frustrating to know exactly what I wanted and not have access to freely express my designs. 

As my passion to create increased so did my level of fashion awareness. The thrills of hunting beautiful and  high end fabrics…Wow! It is like realizing your mastery of a culture that had been foreign to you. I still feel that same jubilation with every design I create. My gratification of conceiving and wearing what I love became infectious.  It attracted show stopping attention from curious individuals who were all too pleased to become Aitsegame Lu customers. Thus began my career as a fashion designer.

For over a decade I have been elevating style for people and transforming what it means to be en vogue. I personally translate my unique craft into modernized fashion style garments.  My desire to have people feel more poised inspired me to make my clothing line more accessible to a wider public.