Every fabric is carefully selected and every piece is stylishly crafted with a touch of modern designs, by our team of professionally gifted and skillfully enthusiastic tailors. Aitsegame Lu bespoke service gives you a unique opportunity to create your own fit, personal style and a unique wardrobe. Handmade craftsmanship cut from scratch, with the garment made just for you, fitting you to perfection.

Our bespoke service is not just on professionalism and skills. We are about physically creating an exclusive garment, making you experience and resonate a lifestyle, a feeling and a sense of purpose of the Aitsegame Lu brand.

If you are ready to discuss in detail your style and concepts we can help them come to life. Visualization and creativity of stylish garments are what we do; Aitsegame Lu will draft a unique design for you. While mutually finalizing design conditions between you and Aitsegame Lu we may attach and send an electronic version of the rough sketch to you via email.

Bespoke garment FAQ

How do I initiate my bespoke garment service?
You will receive a call after sending us an email from an Aitsegame Lu representative to discuss the type of occasion or event you are to attend in order to determine what type of detailing and design(s) Aitsegame Lu conceptualizes to suite your desires.

How is my bespoke garment vision created?
Aitsegame Lu finalizes the sketching(s) that was discussed between customer and representative during the initial stage of the creation process. Our representative will email you our company price for your bespoke garment(s). Aitsegame Lu will require you to then send your accurate body measurements to help our artisan tailors interpret the correct pattern and cutting method(s) for the actual fabrics selected to release your personality in the form of fashionable art.

Fabric selection for my bespoke garment
Aitsegame Lu's fabrics are acquired from exceptional international locations. Our extraordinarily luxurious materials satisfy even the most royal palate. We use the finest wool (supers/cashmere/angora...); plush cottons (Sea Island/Egyptian...); intricate laces; delicate silks, finest quality Wax Prints and brilliant gem embellishments.

Do I need to make a deposit?
Yes. Aitsegame Lu will require you to pay a deposit of 40% of the price sent to you by our representative. Note: Aitsegame Lu will only begin to work on your bespoke garments that have had the corresponding 40% deposit clear customer's respective financial institution. Further note: that the remaining 60% balance is due immediately upon completion of the garment. A customer representative  will contact you by telephone or email regarding final payment and shipment arrangement.  NO order will be shipped prior to Aitsegame Lu receiving full payment.  All deposit are non-refundable upon order of your bespoke garment(s)  since all orders are custom made to your measurement and specification. Any changes requested beyond this point would not be possible.

What time range does it take for my bespoke order to be completed and shipped to me?
Each order is unique and varies for each garment. In general, it could take up to approximately 5 weeks depending on global location of material(s) that are selected. Certain fabrics created to the specifications of Aitsegame Lu, such as handwoven lace, may not be produced and delivered to us prior to 5 months. 





A link will be sent to you for your measurement guide after you contact us.