Style With A Purpose
Aitsegame Lu is standing as a channel for raising funds to aid those that need a hand-up in partnership with God's Help Foundation. God's Help Foundation is all about physical, mental and emotional nourishment of particular socially and economically challenged groups within local communities as a means towards alleviating poverty. Its primary functions are: establishment of educational training programs for youth; encouragement for people of less privileged backgrounds; and empowerment of widows through small business ventures.

Your total purchase price generates an automatic 5% charitable contribution to God's Help Foundation in effort to ease some of the struggles that humankind strives to overcome in Africa. Or you can make a donation directly to God's Help Foundation.

God's Help Foundation Specific Goals

1. To assist towards providing food, rental assistance and health services for orphans and other less privileged individuals.

2. To provide small business grants to disadvantaged widows.

3. To provide spiritual and religious nurturing for those in need.

4. To promote self-independence by facilitating educational training that may lead to skilled professions for inexperienced youth.                      


​                                                                                                   THANKS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION